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Have you tried this stylish ride?

It’s time you upgrade your everyday travel with Ola Prime. Now with more legroom in high end sedans,you get to ride comfortably to your destination at the tap of a button!

What’s more- with free Auto-connect Wifi, catch up on all your work emails or your favourite TV shows & never miss out to stay connected on the go!

You can never run short of reasons to ride Prime. And we never tire from getting you another one. Here’s what you can look forward to when you choose Ola Prime Sedan:

See you on-board soon! 

Your all new Ola App v2.0

So the buzz is already out around the new Android and iOS upgrades for your favorite app! We are so excited about its awesomeness and are sure that one post is just not going to be enough to delve into every new feature. So let us quickly brief you on the new features and what it means to you and then dedicate one post each, to a feature. Promise us that you’ll ask questions and make it interactive!

What's your App-etite?

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