Best Startup of the Year at IDA, ’13

800 entries, 6 categories and a super-accomplished jury makes the IDA ’13 one cool award and we’d like to take a minute to thank you for this. Like all award winners, we too have a speech, but then that really wouldn’t be able to tell you how much we owe you. So let’s skip that part and delve on what won us this?

Booking with us is child’s play!

Of late, we have noticed that even a kid books an Ola cab from his dad’s smartphone. See – now beat that! It’s not just the app, you get the same ‘book with ease’ experience through the web or our contact center.

Ownership turnarounds 

Our business model is structured such that we don’t own a single cab. Yet, your cab is spick and span, your driver is trained and well mannered and it shows up on time! While we create a unique win-win-win for every stakeholder by aggregating cab inventory, we own your experience and take responsibility for it. Period. 

So transparent, not even a glass wall! 

Every aspect of your trip is as transparent as it can get. You have given us the courage to do that. Be it the split of charges on your bill, the real-time invoice generation and sharing, power to track your cab in real-time through the app or just a missed call- all of these are meant to give you the power.

And why did they give us an award for this in a nice ceremony? Simple, because we did all of this and more using technology- mobile and internet. That makes what we do scalable and sustainable giving us the potential to revolutionize forever, how you travel in your city!

And for all the facts, let’s just give you a little to read! About the award- and us winning the award-


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